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Let’s Knit Something!

I have the knitting bug as of late. I blame it on being confined indoors due to the severe heat – it’s supposed to be a lovely 108 degrees fahrenheit today. Just super!

Anyway, I managed to get my hands on some fantastic cubic knitting needles (cubic as in square vs the regular smooth circular shape) which were recommended to me by a woman in a local Stitch n Bitch group some time ago. I love them. I didn’t think I could love knitting needles…but I love lurve these!

I whipped up several pairs of kimono style booties in some nice vegan friendly yarn. That should go a long way. I ended up nearly buying all of the teal yarn I found at the local JoAnn’s a few days ago. Completely stuck on that color. I think it’s because it reminds me of the ocean and I really miss the west coast



Chunky Baby Hat

Chunky Baby Hat

Finally, it is off the needles, along with a few others like the Kawaii Kitty Hat for children. Love this design, definitely a great item for a photography prop. It is in my shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/seejanebabble

Knitting in Beautiful Las Cruces


Ignore the snowman Jammie’s!! I am working on yet another iPad cozy! Yay me! This time I am knitting it for my hubby since he keeps lamenting the fact that I have yet to make him his very own personal, not purple, very manly, with handles iPad cozy thankyouverymuch!

Nothing too eventful to report since my last posting unless you count the fact that while the rest of the country is freezing with winter stuffs, here in Las Cruces it is still, yes I said still, getting up to the sixties and seventies temp wise! The clouds in the dawn and evening skies are really awe inspiring and I am thinking of what to do with my yard so that my toddler can entertain herself while I knit in the sunshine.