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The bucket gets fuller and I made my dear daughter a tank top.

Ok, so I was actually on number 65 of my bucket list…
65. Go deep sea diving
66. Ride a whale
67. Build a yurt
68. Live in said yurt for at least a year
69. Try Tuva singing
70. Deliver a baby
71. Learn to speak Portuguese
72. Make all my daughters clothing for a year
73. Homeschool my kids
74. Learn how to weld
75. Blow glass vases
76. Make a sword from scratch
77. Learn how to spin yarn
78. Make my own dyed yarn
79. Learn screen printing.
80. Train my cat to stop puking on my stairs….

….because, seriously if she doesn’t stop it, I’m going to be eating my nightly chocolate in an ambulance for a broken butt bone. Sometimes I wonder if she is still pissed at me for putting my yarn out of her reach,or making sure she can’t press her little head through the second story window, or maybe it is the fact that I insist on using the vacuum cleaner a few times a week. who knows, cats are weird…

Ah, yes. I was knitting another teal iPad cozy with no embellishments and suddenly I though to myself, “Gee, this color really really looks great next to Sophie’s eyes.” By that point it was a bit long for a hat, so I just pulled it all the way over her head and voila! a tube top…except, I didn’t want my little one to be in something I wouldn’t wear myself ( yes, i totally would wear a tutu) so I added some moss stitch straps and promptly took her outside to play in the mud. Yes, it’s still in a sopping wet pile by the door, but what are you going to do? She’s gotta learn how to properly play in the mud and, well, whether it’s Prada or mama, something’s going to get dirty!