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I swear I’m knitting something!

Have you ever just cast on a random amount of stitches on your circulars and started knitting with no particular pattern in mind? A few days ago I did just that. I CO 84 stitches and just started working seed stitch. For about an inch. After that I wanted to carve my eyeballs out with a spoon. So I switched to stockinette, where you knit every row and when you’re doing this in the round it makes a nice smooth surface. After three rows of stockinette I put it down and haven’t been able to look at it without a sense of disgust. So booooring!

I’m going to frog it. I think. Eventually. I can do it without tears. Really!


I’ve got my needles but where’s the yarn?

This morning I was really really motivated to knit some more. I got my knitting needle case prepped and in my purse, found my keys (yay me!), dropped the fam off at their respective places and, just when I’d ordered a nice hot chocolate on a sweltering morning, I opened my purse and realized I hadn’t packed my yarn.

REALLY?! Yup. So I decided to run errands instead. I mean, we did need milk and tea, some juice, and I was going to get oranges too but I have an aversion to rotten food in the grocery store. All bags of oranges were rotten. Yuck.

I did have a super fun talk with the Animal Control people today. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people leave their pets in a hot car. It was almost 90 degrees at 9:30. There’s no way that panting black dog with the cute ears was happy. Called animal control and was cut very short. They didn’t seem to care what the license plate number was or where in the parking lot it was. I did wait in the shade and terrified the older gentleman with my “You, sir, are an asshole” glare as he got into his hot car and drove away. Animal control never showed.

You know, forgetting my yarn today was probably a good thing if it means some random guy stops leaving his poor dog in a hot car.

Let’s Knit Something!

I have the knitting bug as of late. I blame it on being confined indoors due to the severe heat – it’s supposed to be a lovely 108 degrees fahrenheit today. Just super!

Anyway, I managed to get my hands on some fantastic cubic knitting needles (cubic as in square vs the regular smooth circular shape) which were recommended to me by a woman in a local Stitch n Bitch group some time ago. I love them. I didn’t think I could love knitting needles…but I love lurve these!

I whipped up several pairs of kimono style booties in some nice vegan friendly yarn. That should go a long way. I ended up nearly buying all of the teal yarn I found at the local JoAnn’s a few days ago. Completely stuck on that color. I think it’s because it reminds me of the ocean and I really miss the west coast


There’s no picture and it really did happen!

…because this is cool…

The Zombie Bite Calculator

Created by Oatmeal

Dude. This quiz really solidified that I need to get back in shape and maybe that I should go in for a physical or something to increase my odds.

No no. I’ve been knitting. I just haven’t been knitting for my shop. Stupid cute patterns. It’s hard to let go of some of the things I’ve knitted. I swear, though, that this next baby surprise jacket might make it into my shop depending on how it’s licensed by Meg Swanson.

Yes. I am so proud to say that I have been working on my bucket list. I made empanadas. Yes, they were on the list, I mean you have to have some gimmes on the list or it is just a depressing list to look at. Oh, and I ate them all before I thought to take a picture. It really did happen!

On the plus side, I have decided to curtail my eating out habit, specifically to all of the highly recommended restaurants simply because every time I take someone up on a place it bites me in the ass. I mean, the food is great or horrible going in but then coming out, well, it’s no picnic that’s for sure. Add to that the fact that ever third or fourth time we flush our toilet it overflows…yeah.

I’m Trying to Knit…


A cabled iPad cozy. After receiving a rather awesome gift from my mother in law I decided that I needed to protect it with something that wouldn’t cost me a freaking arm and a leg. So I whipped out my circulars and blindly cast on my soon to be iPad cozy. Yes. I knit without patterns and mostly end up giving up or turning my ill fated creations into lopsided scarves or really short hats-either of which generally get relegated to my toddler’s hat pile.

As you can see, it’s purple, very very purple. I keep thinking to myself that I will finally finish it this time… I mean, I haven’t yet tried it on my head or on my daughters head so that’s a start. Right?


Hey y’all! Welcome to my new blog. I suppose we will see where this goes. I guess an intro would be appropriate. Here it goes:

My name is Janelle and I live in the southwest, specifically the borderlands, which, if you believe anything the news has to say these days, includes the beautiful city of Las Cruces, NM. Like most people, I guess, I have a degree, specifically a B.A. in English with an Emphasis in Literature (really that’s how it’s printed on my diploma) accompanied by a minor in French, though I will tell you that I was only one class shy of a double major but couldn’t see staying in college any longer than I had to… Yes, I end my sentences like that all the time.

I’m a wife and mommy. I like to knit, eat, move around the country with my small clan, explore my surroundings, and every once in awhile I have the urge to whole up for days on end just puttering around our small dusty dwelling provided by one of the local schools. I don’t mind admitting that I wouldn’t mind traveling via an RV cross country on a whim with my brood in tow. I’ve always had a hankering to see Victoria, BC with several pit stops along the pacific highway.