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Chunky Baby Hat

Chunky Baby Hat

Finally, it is off the needles, along with a few others like the Kawaii Kitty Hat for children. Love this design, definitely a great item for a photography prop. It is in my shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/seejanebabble





Somehow my post is being devoured! Anyway, the above is the really really, no really it is, very turquoise kindle cover I started and finished today in sheer panic after realizing I am opening my etsy shop officially this Thursday! 


Below, I think, is the next in a series of iPad sleeves! Also, it’s very turquoise.



I think my next project will be toddler purses…you know, since my little one keeps stealing my change purses;D

Yay me!


Yaaaaaaaaay!! I finally finished the cabled iPad cozy I started a little while back. It even has handles. Sure, the handles aren’t so spiffy, but they are handles nonetheless!! On the plus side, I absolutely didn’t put it on my or my daughters head…it was way too small for either of us ;D !

Well damn if I didn’t already start another project:


This one is going to be a cabled kindle cover… I might even try handles on this one too! If I do that though, I think I might try to utilize some of my weirder colored yard and make it super klassy.

I think I might actually start an etsy store if it keeps on keeping on…well, and also because I cleaned out my storage and found a bunch of ACTUALLY finished projects. A whole bin! Still haven’t found theresa of my knitting needles though. I really peeves me off when stuff goes missing after a move!