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Time slips away when you’re

Knitting like a fiend!!


So here I am sitting nice and cozy, when it finally dawned on me that I have not actually been adding to my blog in real life, just in my very vivid imagination…it’s kind of like when I would sleep walk as a kid in my grandma’s house at night. It could also be the fact that I’m a pretty good daydreamer, even if I do say so myself, but I don’t…my hubby also agrees that half my accidents are because my mind has wandered somewhere else…what was I saying?

On a more personal note…I think I pretty much murdered my coffee machine. It really is a tragedy since I’d been using it every day, sometimes twice a day because without my daily pot or two of Dunkin Donuts or Flyin M whole bean coffee I am useless. No no, I am not one of those people who needs an intervention, I am one of those people that really rarely drinks crappy coffee.


Knitting in Beautiful Las Cruces


Ignore the snowman Jammie’s!! I am working on yet another iPad cozy! Yay me! This time I am knitting it for my hubby since he keeps lamenting the fact that I have yet to make him his very own personal, not purple, very manly, with handles iPad cozy thankyouverymuch!

Nothing too eventful to report since my last posting unless you count the fact that while the rest of the country is freezing with winter stuffs, here in Las Cruces it is still, yes I said still, getting up to the sixties and seventies temp wise! The clouds in the dawn and evening skies are really awe inspiring and I am thinking of what to do with my yard so that my toddler can entertain herself while I knit in the sunshine.


Yay me!


Yaaaaaaaaay!! I finally finished the cabled iPad cozy I started a little while back. It even has handles. Sure, the handles aren’t so spiffy, but they are handles nonetheless!! On the plus side, I absolutely didn’t put it on my or my daughters head…it was way too small for either of us ;D !

Well damn if I didn’t already start another project:


This one is going to be a cabled kindle cover… I might even try handles on this one too! If I do that though, I think I might try to utilize some of my weirder colored yard and make it super klassy.

I think I might actually start an etsy store if it keeps on keeping on…well, and also because I cleaned out my storage and found a bunch of ACTUALLY finished projects. A whole bin! Still haven’t found theresa of my knitting needles though. I really peeves me off when stuff goes missing after a move!