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There’s no picture and it really did happen!

…because this is cool…

The Zombie Bite Calculator

Created by Oatmeal

Dude. This quiz really solidified that I need to get back in shape and maybe that I should go in for a physical or something to increase my odds.

No no. I’ve been knitting. I just haven’t been knitting for my shop. Stupid cute patterns. It’s hard to let go of some of the things I’ve knitted. I swear, though, that this next baby surprise jacket might make it into my shop depending on how it’s licensed by Meg Swanson.

Yes. I am so proud to say that I have been working on my bucket list. I made empanadas. Yes, they were on the list, I mean you have to have some gimmes on the list or it is just a depressing list to look at. Oh, and I ate them all before I thought to take a picture. It really did happen!

On the plus side, I have decided to curtail my eating out habit, specifically to all of the highly recommended restaurants simply because every time I take someone up on a place it bites me in the ass. I mean, the food is great or horrible going in but then coming out, well, it’s no picnic that’s for sure. Add to that the fact that ever third or fourth time we flush our toilet it overflows…yeah.


The bucket gets fuller and I made my dear daughter a tank top.

Ok, so I was actually on number 65 of my bucket list…
65. Go deep sea diving
66. Ride a whale
67. Build a yurt
68. Live in said yurt for at least a year
69. Try Tuva singing
70. Deliver a baby
71. Learn to speak Portuguese
72. Make all my daughters clothing for a year
73. Homeschool my kids
74. Learn how to weld
75. Blow glass vases
76. Make a sword from scratch
77. Learn how to spin yarn
78. Make my own dyed yarn
79. Learn screen printing.
80. Train my cat to stop puking on my stairs….

….because, seriously if she doesn’t stop it, I’m going to be eating my nightly chocolate in an ambulance for a broken butt bone. Sometimes I wonder if she is still pissed at me for putting my yarn out of her reach,or making sure she can’t press her little head through the second story window, or maybe it is the fact that I insist on using the vacuum cleaner a few times a week. who knows, cats are weird…

Ah, yes. I was knitting another teal iPad cozy with no embellishments and suddenly I though to myself, “Gee, this color really really looks great next to Sophie’s eyes.” By that point it was a bit long for a hat, so I just pulled it all the way over her head and voila! a tube top…except, I didn’t want my little one to be in something I wouldn’t wear myself ( yes, i totally would wear a tutu) so I added some moss stitch straps and promptly took her outside to play in the mud. Yes, it’s still in a sopping wet pile by the door, but what are you going to do? She’s gotta learn how to properly play in the mud and, well, whether it’s Prada or mama, something’s going to get dirty!

The Bucket List p. 2

51. Grow an avocado
52. Learn how to make empanadas
53. Develop a taste for red wine
54. Learn how to sail
There’s so much more but for some reason I am having a brain fart at the moment. On the plus side, my new etsy shop has gotten a few views! Yay me! And, true to form, I have been working on probably four projects at once…hence the lack of new items in my store at the moment.

I need to learn how to knit faster!

Bucket List

I was perusing the interwebz and saw an interesting post that got me to thinking about a conversation my hubs and I had a few weeks back about what would we be doing if we had never met. So here it is….wait! Keep in mind that it is a work in progress as I am certain by tomorrow I may end up adding about a hundred more things to my list…

1. Get back in shape
2. Vacation in Tahiti
3. Ride in a hot air balloon
4. Go parasailing
5. See a volcano erupt
6. Go surfing
7. Swim with the Manta rays (you totally though I was going to say dolphins!)
8. Become a vegan master chef
9. Run a small alpaca farm
10. Learn to sheer sheep
11. Milk a cow
12. Make tofu from scratch
13. Live on a farm
14. Live in France
15. Live on a wildlife refuge
16. Take part in a redwood human hug wrap
17. Run across the country
18. Backpack across South America
19. Play Soccer
20. Keep a pen pal
21. Get a tattooed sleeve
22. Bonfire on the Oregon coast
23. LASIK surgery
24. Live on a commune
25. Grow my own food
26. Become a black belt at Kung fu like my hubs
27. Join a belly dance troupe
28. Publish a story
29. Write a book
30. Invent something
31. Learn to brew beer
32. Learn to play the cello
33. Build my own electric car
34. Keep organized for one day (yes it is that hard!)
35. Pursue a degree in fisheries
36. Pursue a masters in English
37. Get a masters in French
38. Teach ESL
39. Determine once and for all if I’m allergic to bees
40. Go without a haircut for ten years
41. Bike cross country.
42. Hike in Ireland
43. Learn Russian
44. Learn Japanese
45. Learn Cantonese
46. Read one million books
47. Build an igloo
48. Take a sample from Antarctica
49. Go diving
50. Live in the forest for a year
51. Meet one new person a day
52. Make one new friend a day
53. Ride a moped in Italy
54. Go swimming in Croatia
55. Shoot an arrow
56. Build a snowman in Moscow
57. Boating in Greece
58. Drink a glass of wine every other day
59. Skinny dip in crystal lake
60. Ride a horse
….to be continued!


Ok. I know that the new year has already started and is in fact well underway, going on three weeks or thereabouts. However, I feel the need to post my resolutions for the New Yearin order to help myself remain accountable to them. So here goes:

1. Knit every day.

2. Don’t buy any new yarn until I’ve finished utilizing my entire stash.

3. Gift or sell my knitted goods once they are finished.

4. Keep and stick to a budget.

5. Make a donation, big or small, to the local Goodwill.

6. Work out at least once a week. (don’t laugh!)

7. Get back to 115 lbs by the end of the year.

8. Make two vegetarian dinners a week.

9. Limit eating out to once a month.

10. Get my husband to give up his obsession with sombreros.

Ok. I have to confess that I actually have more than that but I am trying to be brief… As you may be able to deduce I have a need to shed the extras this year. The extra yarn, the extra stuff I make with said yarn, the extras that put us (way) over budget, the extra stuff collected through our many moves, extra fat, extra meat, extra foodstuffs, and the ridiculousness that is the sombrero obsession.

I guess this is important because we do end up moving a lot and do not want to be put in the position of having more stuff than we can afford to haul cross country…again. To that end, i am looking to be more organized, fit, healthy, and constructive in my life this year and hopefully in years to come.

Well. Good luck to me!