Monthly Archives: August 2014

It’s practically almost fall!!

I can hardly contain my excitement. I mean, there we were, kiddo is passed out in the backseat, errands finished, perfect weather, billowing white clouds stalking their way over the Organ Mountains and the park…oh, wow. The trees are already starting to change color – ever so slightly. It’s not like we had to squint.

Fall is my absolute most favorite time of year. It marks the end of blistering hot summer and the beginning of crisp mornings. It also means that I get my knitting on. Heck, I’ve already had my first order of practically almost fall! So what does that mean for my shop?

This year I’ve realized that I am not the only one obsessed with gnome/pixie hats on wee little heads and because of that realization I will be making the usual cranberry red hats that we’ve come to adore as well as other varieties of fall colors…what? Yup. I will be making green, red, orange, mustard, brown, black, navy, cream, purple – all in a different variety of shades AND there will be stripes. I know, you may need a moment to compose yourself…I’ll just continue knitting.