Don’t Do It!!

“Don’t do what?” you ask. To put it simply, don’t try casting on and knitting something new with your very sharp but also awesome cubic needles. Especially with dark yarn.

Because if you do, it is inevitable that one or five bad things will happen.

You could drop a stitch in the middle of a row during the most adrenaline pumping scene in the movie…and there’s not a thing you can do about it.

You could accidentally stab yourself in the hand when the person behind you kicks your seat…still nothing you can do about it.

You could get angrily shushed by those around you because the clicking of your needles is distracting…still nothing you can do about that.

You might find yourself in the midst of a cable and suddenly have to pee…

So, my advice is not to knit in the theater during the movie. Instead, do it during those crazy advertisements trying to get you to buy coca cola and gum.

Oh! Have you guys seen that video on youtube where the person boils coca cola? I haven’t had a sip of the stuff since. Don’t get me started on gum.

Edit, because I can count to 5: You could drop your project on the floor…of the movie theater…oh my dear have you seen the stuff that gets slopped on a movie theater floor? Don’t look. Shhh. It’ll be ok…also don’t put anything on a theater floor except your shoes.


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