I’ve got my needles but where’s the yarn?

This morning I was really really motivated to knit some more. I got my knitting needle case prepped and in my purse, found my keys (yay me!), dropped the fam off at their respective places and, just when I’d ordered a nice hot chocolate on a sweltering morning, I opened my purse and realized I hadn’t packed my yarn.

REALLY?! Yup. So I decided to run errands instead. I mean, we did need milk and tea, some juice, and I was going to get oranges too but I have an aversion to rotten food in the grocery store. All bags of oranges were rotten. Yuck.

I did have a super fun talk with the Animal Control people today. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people leave their pets in a hot car. It was almost 90 degrees at 9:30. There’s no way that panting black dog with the cute ears was happy. Called animal control and was cut very short. They didn’t seem to care what the license plate number was or where in the parking lot it was. I did wait in the shade and terrified the older gentleman with my “You, sir, are an asshole” glare as he got into his hot car and drove away. Animal control never showed.

You know, forgetting my yarn today was probably a good thing if it means some random guy stops leaving his poor dog in a hot car.


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