Monthly Archives: June 2014

Movie Time

I don’t know why I said yes to seeing How To Train Your Dragon 2 as a whole family – me, DH, and DD. I knew she wasn’t going to be able to sit still through this one since it wasn’t Frozen.

So there we are, upper right isle seats. DH is holding her seat down because at 33 lbs she’d be folded in half if he didn’t. The movie starts. Lots of ooooohs and aaaaaahs from the crowd. She kicks the seat in front of her. Poop. Apologize profusely to the gentleman who says no problem and smiles. A few minutes later: DAAAAADDDDY that’s MY POPORN!!! No, that’s not a typo. Calm her down. Five minutes later, she stage whispers, Mommmmmmmyyyy, I need to go peeeeeeepeeeeeee! OMG. Ok, up to the family bathroom because I thought that would be quicker. Nope. 

What’s going on in the movie? No clue as I’m too busy getting her to sit, not stand, in her seat. 

Few minutes later, the stage whisperer announces she has to go make big poop. Ok. Breathe. We get to the bathroom, not only does she not have to poop but she doesn’t even pretend to have to pee. Instead she wants to wash her hands. Fine. 

May as well wait for DVD at this point because two minutes later she decides she actually does have to pee. Whyyyyyyy? Can I just whine? 

We get to the bathroom. She de-pants herself, loads herself onto the toilet and dribbles. She. Does. Not. Want. To. Wash. Her. Hands. Whatever.

Refusing to hold my hand, she bunny hops to her seat. What movie are we watching again? 

Eight maybe ten minutes pass. She’s fidgety. Upset. I look down at her snuggling forcefully into her pink blanket she’s had since birth and feel an overwhelming urge to squish her in a hug. She looks up at me all doe eyed and says, “I’m tired.” Totally a lie, but we all end up calling it quits by that point and trek across the sweltering parking lot to the car and drive home in defeated silence.

Oh, and DH and I both knew she was just bored. She went on to burst into song once we got in the door and demanded he also sing. Fun times.


I swear I’m knitting something!

Have you ever just cast on a random amount of stitches on your circulars and started knitting with no particular pattern in mind? A few days ago I did just that. I CO 84 stitches and just started working seed stitch. For about an inch. After that I wanted to carve my eyeballs out with a spoon. So I switched to stockinette, where you knit every row and when you’re doing this in the round it makes a nice smooth surface. After three rows of stockinette I put it down and haven’t been able to look at it without a sense of disgust. So booooring!

I’m going to frog it. I think. Eventually. I can do it without tears. Really!

Don’t Do It!!

“Don’t do what?” you ask. To put it simply, don’t try casting on and knitting something new with your very sharp but also awesome cubic needles. Especially with dark yarn.

Because if you do, it is inevitable that one or five bad things will happen.

You could drop a stitch in the middle of a row during the most adrenaline pumping scene in the movie…and there’s not a thing you can do about it.

You could accidentally stab yourself in the hand when the person behind you kicks your seat…still nothing you can do about it.

You could get angrily shushed by those around you because the clicking of your needles is distracting…still nothing you can do about that.

You might find yourself in the midst of a cable and suddenly have to pee…

So, my advice is not to knit in the theater during the movie. Instead, do it during those crazy advertisements trying to get you to buy coca cola and gum.

Oh! Have you guys seen that video on youtube where the person boils coca cola? I haven’t had a sip of the stuff since. Don’t get me started on gum.

Edit, because I can count to 5: You could drop your project on the floor…of the movie theater…oh my dear have you seen the stuff that gets slopped on a movie theater floor? Don’t look. Shhh. It’ll be ok…also don’t put anything on a theater floor except your shoes.

I’ve got my needles but where’s the yarn?

This morning I was really really motivated to knit some more. I got my knitting needle case prepped and in my purse, found my keys (yay me!), dropped the fam off at their respective places and, just when I’d ordered a nice hot chocolate on a sweltering morning, I opened my purse and realized I hadn’t packed my yarn.

REALLY?! Yup. So I decided to run errands instead. I mean, we did need milk and tea, some juice, and I was going to get oranges too but I have an aversion to rotten food in the grocery store. All bags of oranges were rotten. Yuck.

I did have a super fun talk with the Animal Control people today. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people leave their pets in a hot car. It was almost 90 degrees at 9:30. There’s no way that panting black dog with the cute ears was happy. Called animal control and was cut very short. They didn’t seem to care what the license plate number was or where in the parking lot it was. I did wait in the shade and terrified the older gentleman with my “You, sir, are an asshole” glare as he got into his hot car and drove away. Animal control never showed.

You know, forgetting my yarn today was probably a good thing if it means some random guy stops leaving his poor dog in a hot car.

Let’s Knit Something!

I have the knitting bug as of late. I blame it on being confined indoors due to the severe heat – it’s supposed to be a lovely 108 degrees fahrenheit today. Just super!

Anyway, I managed to get my hands on some fantastic cubic knitting needles (cubic as in square vs the regular smooth circular shape) which were recommended to me by a woman in a local Stitch n Bitch group some time ago. I love them. I didn’t think I could love knitting needles…but I love lurve these!

I whipped up several pairs of kimono style booties in some nice vegan friendly yarn. That should go a long way. I ended up nearly buying all of the teal yarn I found at the local JoAnn’s a few days ago. Completely stuck on that color. I think it’s because it reminds me of the ocean and I really miss the west coast