Oh. Yay. Spring is here.

Well, Spring hasn’t really made too much of an appearance this March. Some stuff is turning green. I used to love spring before moving to LC and now all I get is about one month to prepare for the scorching southern NM heat. It sucks. Oh, yes, I do have a/c in the apartment but it may as well be spewing glitter for all the good it does. And hey, at least with glitter it would be cheerful in the apartment with its institutional looking painted brick. I say “institutional” but what I really mean is – prison chic.

Oh, and this year, get this, we’re not allowed to grow anything in the backyard unless it’s in a pot. Super awesome since now I have to find a way for the pots to stay off the ground so they don’t become a breeding ground for…well, grossness. I mean, we can’t have potential students peering into the backyards of family housing and risk them getting offended by zucchini and tomatoes…oh, and I shit you not, last year one of the maintenance people thought my gigantic basil plant was pot. 


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