Eventful and uneventful…no, I’m not going to wax poetic.

Yes, I did finish the hot pink cabled iPad cover. It was for my mother in law, who dubs that particular color as “menopause pink.” That was a good term for it, I think, and while knitting it, I kept having to look away, no small feat since doing two things at once usually ends up in some sort of disaster. Alas, I mistakenly mailed it to her place in Timbuktu without taking a picture of it first. Oh well.

Today, on the brighter, not lighter, side of things, I have made my Awesome Sauce. What, you may ask, exactly is “Awesome Sauce?” Well here it is:


Basically here is the recipe..but don’t hold me to it as I seem to vary it each and every time, and this time I was all out of cornstarch…

Combine in a small pot 1/3 c sugar, 1tbsp energy egg replacer, 1/2tbsp flour and mix. Turn on the heat, medium-hi, and ad 2 c milk stirring constantly for about 7-8 minutes. Add 2 beaten yolks stirring continuously as you add them and continue to stir until the mix starts to thicken a little. Add 2-3tbsp of cocoa powder Nd a generous tsp of vanilla, almond, orange, or mint extract. Cool in the fridge for awhile and then eat it. I, personally like it warm and smooth!


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