Ok. I know that the new year has already started and is in fact well underway, going on three weeks or thereabouts. However, I feel the need to post my resolutions for the New Yearin order to help myself remain accountable to them. So here goes:

1. Knit every day.

2. Don’t buy any new yarn until I’ve finished utilizing my entire stash.

3. Gift or sell my knitted goods once they are finished.

4. Keep and stick to a budget.

5. Make a donation, big or small, to the local Goodwill.

6. Work out at least once a week. (don’t laugh!)

7. Get back to 115 lbs by the end of the year.

8. Make two vegetarian dinners a week.

9. Limit eating out to once a month.

10. Get my husband to give up his obsession with sombreros.

Ok. I have to confess that I actually have more than that but I am trying to be brief… As you may be able to deduce I have a need to shed the extras this year. The extra yarn, the extra stuff I make with said yarn, the extras that put us (way) over budget, the extra stuff collected through our many moves, extra fat, extra meat, extra foodstuffs, and the ridiculousness that is the sombrero obsession.

I guess this is important because we do end up moving a lot and do not want to be put in the position of having more stuff than we can afford to haul cross country…again. To that end, i am looking to be more organized, fit, healthy, and constructive in my life this year and hopefully in years to come.

Well. Good luck to me!


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