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Bucket List

I was perusing the interwebz and saw an interesting post that got me to thinking about a conversation my hubs and I had a few weeks back about what would we be doing if we had never met. So here it is….wait! Keep in mind that it is a work in progress as I am certain by tomorrow I may end up adding about a hundred more things to my list…

1. Get back in shape
2. Vacation in Tahiti
3. Ride in a hot air balloon
4. Go parasailing
5. See a volcano erupt
6. Go surfing
7. Swim with the Manta rays (you totally though I was going to say dolphins!)
8. Become a vegan master chef
9. Run a small alpaca farm
10. Learn to sheer sheep
11. Milk a cow
12. Make tofu from scratch
13. Live on a farm
14. Live in France
15. Live on a wildlife refuge
16. Take part in a redwood human hug wrap
17. Run across the country
18. Backpack across South America
19. Play Soccer
20. Keep a pen pal
21. Get a tattooed sleeve
22. Bonfire on the Oregon coast
23. LASIK surgery
24. Live on a commune
25. Grow my own food
26. Become a black belt at Kung fu like my hubs
27. Join a belly dance troupe
28. Publish a story
29. Write a book
30. Invent something
31. Learn to brew beer
32. Learn to play the cello
33. Build my own electric car
34. Keep organized for one day (yes it is that hard!)
35. Pursue a degree in fisheries
36. Pursue a masters in English
37. Get a masters in French
38. Teach ESL
39. Determine once and for all if I’m allergic to bees
40. Go without a haircut for ten years
41. Bike cross country.
42. Hike in Ireland
43. Learn Russian
44. Learn Japanese
45. Learn Cantonese
46. Read one million books
47. Build an igloo
48. Take a sample from Antarctica
49. Go diving
50. Live in the forest for a year
51. Meet one new person a day
52. Make one new friend a day
53. Ride a moped in Italy
54. Go swimming in Croatia
55. Shoot an arrow
56. Build a snowman in Moscow
57. Boating in Greece
58. Drink a glass of wine every other day
59. Skinny dip in crystal lake
60. Ride a horse
….to be continued!


Knitting in Beautiful Las Cruces


Ignore the snowman Jammie’s!! I am working on yet another iPad cozy! Yay me! This time I am knitting it for my hubby since he keeps lamenting the fact that I have yet to make him his very own personal, not purple, very manly, with handles iPad cozy thankyouverymuch!

Nothing too eventful to report since my last posting unless you count the fact that while the rest of the country is freezing with winter stuffs, here in Las Cruces it is still, yes I said still, getting up to the sixties and seventies temp wise! The clouds in the dawn and evening skies are really awe inspiring and I am thinking of what to do with my yard so that my toddler can entertain herself while I knit in the sunshine.





Somehow my post is being devoured! Anyway, the above is the really really, no really it is, very turquoise kindle cover I started and finished today in sheer panic after realizing I am opening my etsy shop officially this Thursday! 


Below, I think, is the next in a series of iPad sleeves! Also, it’s very turquoise.



I think my next project will be toddler purses…you know, since my little one keeps stealing my change purses;D

Yay me!


Yaaaaaaaaay!! I finally finished the cabled iPad cozy I started a little while back. It even has handles. Sure, the handles aren’t so spiffy, but they are handles nonetheless!! On the plus side, I absolutely didn’t put it on my or my daughters head…it was way too small for either of us ;D !

Well damn if I didn’t already start another project:


This one is going to be a cabled kindle cover… I might even try handles on this one too! If I do that though, I think I might try to utilize some of my weirder colored yard and make it super klassy.

I think I might actually start an etsy store if it keeps on keeping on…well, and also because I cleaned out my storage and found a bunch of ACTUALLY finished projects. A whole bin! Still haven’t found theresa of my knitting needles though. I really peeves me off when stuff goes missing after a move!

Tackling the Beast

About 2 days ago I tackled our small apartment storage and discovered that I was in fact the clutter culprit. Seriously, who needs sixteen scarves? In case you’re wondering, no, they weren’t the ones I knit…those are in another storage closet in put home. I thought to myself, hey, at least it’s not a massive collection of shoes this time! Yup, no. It was a rather fancy collection of most awesome purses that my lovely mother in law has given me…you can tell the difference between what she picked and what I picked by the sheer difference in class. That woman really has taste.

I really wish she would have taught my hubby about “taste,” but noooooo, I’m the one that has to make sure he doesn’t try to run outside in shorts and black socks, holy shirts, shoes falling part, and anime hair. I’m not kidding! It’s a good thing he’s hot, otherwise the few times I can’t catch him would be hysterical.

I’m proud that I managed to get both sewing machines out of the storage, as well as thread and the other notions my MIL bequeathed unto moi. Now me and my cohort can get to our attempts at sewing. Which brings me to another thing! Pillowcase dresses!

No, no, not for me but for my daughter. I have this urge to make most of her clothing this year, at least until monsoon season hits, which means that up until that point she will be wearing a lot of dresses, knitted tanks, and if I can get myself to be brave, some knitted leggings and skirts!

Back to the storage. I ended up getting rid of a lot of junk. Papers that hadn’t seen the light of day for years, miscellaneous scraps of yarn, old books, you name it. I also have a lot of donations to make next week. I’m actually doing pretty good at keeping my resolution to make a weekly donation to Goodwill which means that I can confidently say that I am getting rid of clutter and getting organized! Yay me….


Ok. I know that the new year has already started and is in fact well underway, going on three weeks or thereabouts. However, I feel the need to post my resolutions for the New Yearin order to help myself remain accountable to them. So here goes:

1. Knit every day.

2. Don’t buy any new yarn until I’ve finished utilizing my entire stash.

3. Gift or sell my knitted goods once they are finished.

4. Keep and stick to a budget.

5. Make a donation, big or small, to the local Goodwill.

6. Work out at least once a week. (don’t laugh!)

7. Get back to 115 lbs by the end of the year.

8. Make two vegetarian dinners a week.

9. Limit eating out to once a month.

10. Get my husband to give up his obsession with sombreros.

Ok. I have to confess that I actually have more than that but I am trying to be brief… As you may be able to deduce I have a need to shed the extras this year. The extra yarn, the extra stuff I make with said yarn, the extras that put us (way) over budget, the extra stuff collected through our many moves, extra fat, extra meat, extra foodstuffs, and the ridiculousness that is the sombrero obsession.

I guess this is important because we do end up moving a lot and do not want to be put in the position of having more stuff than we can afford to haul cross country…again. To that end, i am looking to be more organized, fit, healthy, and constructive in my life this year and hopefully in years to come.

Well. Good luck to me!

I’m Trying to Knit…


A cabled iPad cozy. After receiving a rather awesome gift from my mother in law I decided that I needed to protect it with something that wouldn’t cost me a freaking arm and a leg. So I whipped out my circulars and blindly cast on my soon to be iPad cozy. Yes. I knit without patterns and mostly end up giving up or turning my ill fated creations into lopsided scarves or really short hats-either of which generally get relegated to my toddler’s hat pile.

As you can see, it’s purple, very very purple. I keep thinking to myself that I will finally finish it this time… I mean, I haven’t yet tried it on my head or on my daughters head so that’s a start. Right?


Hey y’all! Welcome to my new blog. I suppose we will see where this goes. I guess an intro would be appropriate. Here it goes:

My name is Janelle and I live in the southwest, specifically the borderlands, which, if you believe anything the news has to say these days, includes the beautiful city of Las Cruces, NM. Like most people, I guess, I have a degree, specifically a B.A. in English with an Emphasis in Literature (really that’s how it’s printed on my diploma) accompanied by a minor in French, though I will tell you that I was only one class shy of a double major but couldn’t see staying in college any longer than I had to… Yes, I end my sentences like that all the time.

I’m a wife and mommy. I like to knit, eat, move around the country with my small clan, explore my surroundings, and every once in awhile I have the urge to whole up for days on end just puttering around our small dusty dwelling provided by one of the local schools. I don’t mind admitting that I wouldn’t mind traveling via an RV cross country on a whim with my brood in tow. I’ve always had a hankering to see Victoria, BC with several pit stops along the pacific highway.